Strength building by Circuit Training

Circuit training includes a wide variety of exercises during a workout session. The idea is to select different strength training exercises that all together lead to a full-body workout. Usually consists of 10 exercises covering the upper body or lower body. Often done from anywhere between 30 seconds to 3 minutes, with rest time based on the intensity of the exercises.

An example circuit routine can be bicep/tricep curls, bench press, squats, back extensions, crunches, pull-ups, shoulder press, etc. The set varies according to your body and fitness goals. Evidently, the aim of circuit training is to maximize the aerobic effect.

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Strength Building :

Building muscle mass consists of two variables: lifting heavy weights and raising calorie consumption. Generally, circuit training uses lighter weights in order to maximize the aerobic characteristic of the exercise. If increasing muscle mass is the main goal, lifting moderate or heavyweights can set you on the right track. Lifting can significantly burn calories, so it is important to raise your calorie intake.  

Strength building is done best with the help of compound exercises. Compound exercises speed up the process while simultaneously building mass. This exercise targets multiple groups at the same time. If the goal is to increase body fat, circuit training involves heavy weight and small amounts of rest periods. But when the aim is to increase body mass, the rest period between exercises also needs to be increased. This is because your aim is to build muscle mass and thereby minimize aerobic effect. 

Cardio and weight training is excellent to lift heavy with maximum intensity. However, circuiting enables you to join both cardio and weights while working on other areas. The workouts are efficient and extremely time saving. In this way you can finish an effective full-body workout in less than an hour. In contrast, targeting individually would take 10 times the time.

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