Strongman Training: Meaning, Benefits, Exercises

What is Strongman training?

Strongman training is a mix of a variety of movements like pulling, pushing, pressing, and other daily life movements using extremely heavy objects.
The person practicing strongman training has a goal to perform all the obstacle-based activities such as carrying Atlas stones, performing a farmer’s walk with overloaded dumbbells, or hoisting a log above the head. Strong man training could be very helpful in everyday activities like lifting things, bending, moving heavy objects from one point to another, and other common actions effortlessly.

The Benefits of strongman training:

  • Increased strength
  • Gain muscle mass
  • Burn fat
  • Prevent injuries
  • Improve quality of day to day functional movements

Top 5 strongman exercises

1. Deadlifts

A deadlift is a weight training exercise of lifting loaded bars from the ground. It builds the total body strength and works on hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, hip flexors, lower back, abdominals, shoulders, and arms.

How to perform a deadlift

It has 3 phase
1st phase: setting up the position. It starts from standing straight the bending into a squat position and setting hands on the barbell.
2nd phase: lifting the barbell from the ground.
3rd phase: final lift and standing straight on your feet and your torso should be straight.

2. Farmer’s walk:

Farmer’s walk is a strength-building exercise. In this, the person holds heavyweights in both of the hands and walks for a particular distance. This exercise involves the upper back, traps, forearms, quads, hamstrings, and gluteal muscles.

How to perform it:

For this exercise, you’ll need dumbbells of the right weight and sufficient space to walk.
Firstly from the standing position you have to bend and grab the dumbbells from the ground. Then, lift them, now, keeping your body straight and steady, and walk forward.

3. Tire flip

Tire flip, like the name, suggests. In this exercise, you flip a giant heavyweight tire Until you are tired. The bigger the tire is the harder it is.
This exercise involves the back, core, shoulders, and arms.

How to perform it:

Firstly, from the standing position bend into a squat position and make a tight grip on the tire and the next step will lifting the tire upward and finally flip it. Take a deep breath as you pull the tire up and exhale when you flip it.

4. Thick dumbbell press

A thick dumbbell press is quite similar to a military overhead press except for the thickness of bars differentiate between them. If your bar isn’t thick enough then you can add additional grip to it. The thickness of bars will make your grip strength improve, which helps in other exercises too.

How to perform it:

For this exercise, you need to have a pair of bars, then lay down over a bench and hold dumbbells tight, and now, lift those dumbbells in the air and should be straight when you lift them and then down your hand over your chest.
Just like done in the picture.

Sled pull

Sled pull is a functional exercise, in which the person pulls a sled by a rope towards himself with the help of his upper body, focusing on the back, shoulder, and biceps.

How to do it

In this exercise, there is a sled that has weights on it and is tied with a rope that is attached to the person’s body and he has to pull it. While pulling keep few things in mind that you need to bent a little and lean forward and you should keep your back straight and your core should be tight.


In this article, you have read about strongman training and to 5 strongman exercises and they are:

  • Deadlift
  • Farmer’s walk
  • Tire flip
  • Thick dumbbell press
  • Sled pull


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