Strongman Vs. Powerlifting : Which to Choose?

Strongman Vs. Powerlifting

Though primarily weight lifting sports, both Strongman and Powerlifting have their own variations :

A strongman can be defined as a man of immense physical strength, they train using various movements such as pushing, pulling, and performing as a form of entertainment.  The competition consists of obstacle-related tasks such as tire flipping, carrying atlas’s stones, farmers’ walks, overloaded dumbbells as well as hoisting log overhead presses.

A powerlifter on the other hand is a strength-based training that focuses on three exercises in particular – squats, bench press, and deadlifts. It is a more commonly existing form of training. The idea of powerlifting is to lift as much as physically possible during these three exercises.


Carrying extremely heavy things, bending objects, and lifting things without causing injury are real-life applications of strongman training. A great way to branch into muscle-focused training is by taking up Strongman training.

It is one that focuses on the progressive overload training principle. Therefore, it is crucial for a powerlifter to push beyond its boundaries at every workout session. The end goal of a powerlifter is to compete. During which they each get three tries at the three exercises. The best out of which is picked and declared winner. 

Conclusion :

To conclude, both strongman and powerlifting are sports that primarily focus on using weights for training. While both sports may seem remarkably similar, the goals pertaining to each are different. The health benefits of each are also subjective to it. The downside of such training comes from the singular focus on the competitive level. So, therefore, the combination of bodybuilding and powerlifting can lead to an overall based routine as you can optimize the key benefits to improve your overall strength and functioning. 

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