Strongmen or Bodybuilder- Who is stronger?

Strength is a most sought-after fitness goal. We have different kinds of fitness enthusiasts like bodybuilders, athletes, gymnasts, strongmen, etc. However, not all are strong.
So, who is the strongest? One popular comparison is between a strongman and a bodybuilder.



Strongmen, as the name suggests, are groups of people who perform extraordinary feats of strength. Traditionally, this term was originated in the 19th century, for exhibitors of strength acts in a circus. Strongman usually focuses on strength, endurance, and stamina and doesn’t give too much attention to muscle building.
Strongman is also now a real sport, where competitors are tested for pure strength on the basis of varieties of tasks.




Bodybuilders use resistance training to control and develop muscles. They are a little different than powerlifting as it focuses more on appearance and symmetry, rather than strength and power. It is usually done to compete in ‘professional’ events and fashion shows.

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Who is stronger – Strongmen or Bodybuilders?

In terms of physical strength, it is the strongman who wins the deal.
Strongman trains themselves in very harsh conditions and are very durable. They practice using atlas stones, heavy odd-shaped steel barrels, deadlift truck tires, and pull heavy vehicles. So, they do not focus on oiled abs and stage posing. It is function for them and not form. A strongman has a uniform torso with a wide waist, which means that their core can bear heavy deadlifts.

Bodybuilders, no matter how harsh it sounds, are for aesthetics. While focusing on their main goal – i.e., building a muscular body, they might get somewhat strong. But if compared to strongmen, they lack mobility, endurance, flexibility, speed, and power. Due to constant bulking and cutting, sometimes their body gets the weakest. Their upper body is bulky, whereas their waist is narrow and thin. This reflects that they prefer form over function.

The above classification is about form vs. function. On one side, where one focuses on function, the other one focuses form or looks. In terms of vigorous strength, strongmen are stronger than bodybuilders.

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