A daily dose of 30 minutes of exercise holds extreme importance in today’s lifestyle. However, people are now preferring to opt for shorter forms of exercises with high impacts. The most popular of this kind is the high-intensity interval training or HIIT and Tabata, which are highly beneficial even when performed for a short span of time. Both of them are equally good when it comes to burning calories and losing weight, although they might differ in the method of execution. This article will provide you with a clear distinction between the two including their benefits and might prove helpful to you in case you are looking to choose between them.

Let’s start with Tabata. Tabata was designed as time-efficient interval training by Dr. Izumi Tabata. It consists of a 4 minute highly intense workout which includes a total of eight rounds with 20 seconds of workout separated by 10 seconds of rest. Those 20 seconds are supposed to be highly intense which makes you push yourself harder than ever. A total of 4 minutes of Tabata should make you feel exhausted to death. A classic Tabata routine should lie within a range of a minimum of 4 minutes to a maximum of 8 minutes only. It primarily works by increasing your VO2max, which is the highest possible amount of oxygen utilized by your body. Tabata offers various benefits including enhanced metabolism and raised aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels. It promotes heart rate and increases lean muscle mass.

Moving on to HIIT, high-intensity interval training is almost similar to Tabata but can last up to 15-20 minutes. It engages the muscle fibers to define and tone them. Thus resulting in a more toned body. HIIT is extremely beneficial for the cardiovascular system since it decreases blood pressure and helps in maintaining the cholesterol levels of the individual. Along with losing weight it reduces abdominal fat and boosts the overall strength of the body. When followed for a longer period of time, it results in overall improved endurance.

In conclusion, both the form of physical activities are beneficial in one way or the other. The results depend on your choice and your consistency. While HIIT is more flexible when it comes to reps and timing, Tabata might be more suitable for you if you are a beginner and are looking for a shorter form of exercise. Both are good options if your target is to lose weight. Although Tabata increases your VO2max more in comparison to HIIT it doesn’t imply higher chances of losing fat, however, it helps in improving the overall performance of the body. Therefore it ultimately comes down to your individual preferences and goals. We recommend you try both and choose the one that suits you the most without much trouble.


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