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How to do oblique twists?

Oblique twists are one of the best exercises to target your core muscles. It is especially known to target the side muscles known as ‘obliques'. The movement engages and strengthens the muscles...

How does cross-training prevent injuries?

Cross-training refers to a form of training routine that uses different forms of exercises other than the normal drill associated with a sport. It is good for athletic preparation as well as...

Health and Office: Creating the balance

A healthy lifestyle is not so easy to adopt and maintain. And with the Covid-19 work from home scenario, the lines of office and home are getting more blurred. It is now relatively easy to get a snack, munch it down and go to the bed soon after the meeting ends. Where is fitness? However, there are certain changes that you can incorporate into your daily life to make sure your work and health remain balanced. We have listed a few of them below.

NEAT for Weight Loss

Check out this article about Non-exercise activity thermogenesis.

CrossFit and Bulking: A myth?

Wanna try CrossFit but hesitant that it will make you bulky? Debunk the myth. Read the article to find whether CrossFit make you bulky.

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