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Is Sucralose safe in protein powder?

Protein powder consumption in a must in your diet regimen, especially if you are an athlete, a fitness freak or a body building enthusiast. It is a popular nutritional supplement with macronutrients...

How does Vitamin D help in insulin secretion?

One of the most essential hormones in your body is Insulin which helps to regulate sugar levels. Secreted by the pancreas, a gland behind your stomach, and facilitates your body to use glucose. Sometimes, due to common type 2 diabetes, the level of insulin gets low and hence needs supplementation. Whereas supplementation can have adverse effects on the body like weight gain. But there are some natural ones too. One of them is Vitamin D. Learn more about how Vitamin D increases insulin

Will The Atkins Diet lower blood sugar?

Learn whether this Low-card diet is appropriate for your health goals.

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