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All you need to know about water aerobics

One of the forms of aerobics is water aerobics. Also known as aquatic fitness, waterobics, or aquafit, it is a type of resistance training that involves exercising in water. This new form is gaining huge popularity due to its innumerable benefits.

Can I Do Cardio Everyday?

Can I Do Cardio Every Day? Is practising cardio daily a negative thing? Everybody knows about the hazards of weightlifting daily–focusing too much on fatigued muscles can lead to damage. Cardio, however,...

Does Cardio Increase Vascularity ?

It is not surprising to us that cardio workouts burn fat and result in fat loss. Burning fat including subcutaneous fat tissues help to increase lean muscle in the body and the...

Mesomorph Female Workout Plan

Mesomorph body type has high musculature than body fat. Cardiovascular exercise like boxing, running, jumping rope etc are healthy addition in the workout routines. Mesomorph body types have higher muscle percentage than body...

Skipping: 7 Amazing Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know about.

Skipping is a high-intensity workout exercise and can help you burn 700-1200 calories per hour. Surprised? Yes, it is almost similar to riding a bicycle and jogging. Here are 7 amazing benefits of skipping which you might not have known.

Jump Rope: The no-cost way to get bigger calves

Skipping is known to burn almost 700 to 1200 calories per hour. Almost, similar to riding a bicycle or jogging, it is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout. Many fitness experts recommend jumping rope as a great way to burn excessive fat.There are plenty of benefits that are delivered by these ropes. However, one of the popular claims is that it helps us to get bulkier and toned legs. In this article, we will look into the benefits of jumping ropes and their effects on calves.

Is swimming a good substitute for running?

Cardiovascular exercises are exercises that consist of low to high intensity that require an adequate amount of oxygen supply to muscles. Cardiovascular exercises are excellent ways to burn calories and boost muscle...

How Does Running Improves Physique

How does running improves physique? Running is the fastest mode of moving on feet from one point to another for human beings and other animals. Running is one of the most effective cardiovascular...

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