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Detox Diet Cleanse Therapy and It Side Effects

Side effects of Detox diet can be dehydration, lack of vital minerals, vitamins. When these medications are given by doctors for short period of time then its safe but in long term...

Detox Diets: Four ways you can detoxify yourself

Detoxifying is a new dieting trend. With huge rush in our lives, we tend to make poor choices in our lifestyles. Junk food and unhealthy foods are a big part of today’s fast-forward life. And with this, we are also aware of the possible negative effects. So, is there any cleanser? Definitely, there is. Detox diet.

Detox Diet: Guidelines, Benefits, Diet Plan

A detox diet is a dietary plan for the detoxification of the body. dietary plans that claim to have detoxifying effects. Scientists, dietitians, and doctors consider it a harmless diet until nutritional...

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