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How does Vitamin D help in insulin secretion?

One of the most essential hormones in your body is Insulin which helps to regulate sugar levels. Secreted by the pancreas, a gland behind your stomach, and facilitates your body to use glucose. Sometimes, due to common type 2 diabetes, the level of insulin gets low and hence needs supplementation. Whereas supplementation can have adverse effects on the body like weight gain. But there are some natural ones too. One of them is Vitamin D. Learn more about how Vitamin D increases insulin

Does insulin cause weight gain?

To be direct - Yes, insulin can cause weight gain. More often than not, weight gain is a common side effect of insulin shots. Insulin Therapy is a common treatment adopted by...

Are chia seeds good for diabetics?

Diabetes and Nutrition Diabetic individuals' diet plays a major role in managing blood sugar and a healthy weight. The food you consume can further reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications. The main...

What multivitamins can diabetic people take?

Looking for multivitamins for diabetic people ? Here is the list.

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