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Beachbody 21 Days Fix- Pros and Cons.

There are various types available that offer quick and fast results in terms of weight loss. They are very popular among the masses and are followed heavily. However, there is one diet that stands apart from all other diets. This is called Beachbody 21 day fix. The following blog deals with what is diet, the pros, and cons and what can you eat.

How to meal prep salads that stay fresh all week

keeping salads fresh is a tough task. These prep salads tend to get soggy when kept for a longer time. The people who usually consume salads during lunchtime often complain that it is stale and the nutritional value of the food has declined.

Mesomorph and Intermittent Fasting

In this article, we explain Mesomorph body type, Intermittent fasting and how it can work hand in hand. Mesomorph Explained Understanding your body type is an essential part of the fitness journey....

Alkaline Diet or Acidic diet: A comparison

There is always a tussle between acidic foods and alkaline foods as to which one is better. Let us compare the benefits of both.

Atkins Diet: The 4-phase low carb diet

Create your own carb tolerance level with this popular diet of 1970s. Read more about Atkins Diet and what can you eat for that perfect healthy body.

The Mediterranean Diet: Gluten-free choice?

Learn more about the The Gluten-Free Mediterranean Diet.

Bulimia Nervosa : Eating Disorder

Bulimia or Bulimia Nervosa is characterized by cycles or episodes of binge followed by self-provoked purging of the food. This eating disorder can be classified as a potentially life-threatening one. It is...

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