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Why are slow twitch muscles more beneficial?

Slow-twitch muscles tend to have lots of blood vessels and energy-producing cells called as Mitochondria to help them keep going for longer periods. They are aerobic muscles which means oxygen is used...

What should be the goal of a beginner before doing bodybuilding?

Everything has a starting point but before you start bodybuilding you need to set yourself some goals because without them you won’t be able to workout properly. There are three questions you...


The heavy jump rope is a level up on your jump rope workouts. Heavy jump ropes are designed with even weight distribution throughout the rope and not, particularly in the handles. In order to create full-body resistance, resulting in a more challenging workout

Strongmen or Bodybuilder- Who is stronger?

Strength is a most sought-after fitness goal. But who is the strongest? One popular comparison is between strongmen and bodybuilders.

Will HIIT build endurance?

Anaerobic workouts are usually any exercise that elevates your heart rate to a maximum of 80-100%. These workouts are usually shorter around 20 minutes yet extremely intense. One such workout type is...

What is Endurance Training?

Endurance training also referred to as aerobic exercise is one of the four types of exercises along with balance, flexibility, and strength. Endurance training includes activities that tend to elevate your breathing...

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