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Are water aerobics good for arthritis?

Exercise is a universal recommendation for arthritis treatment and prevention, while water exercise is especially ideal for those individuals with stiff and achy joints and for those who want to avoid it....

Lunges or Squats- What Should I Opt For?

However, sometimes one might want to change their exercise routine and often compare one type to other. An often-asked question is “Can I replace squats with lunges?”. This blog deals with squats and lungs, their benefits, and which one might be better for you.

Planks and Abs – Are They a Match?

There are very few freehand exercises that help you gain abs.Some of them are crunches, bridges and planks are few exercises that can deliver you all those satisfying abs. However, planks are the underrated exercises here. The blog is a description of how planks can give you abs and also their benefits.

Zumba vs Yoga which to choose?

Both Zumba and Yoga are very good for your well-being but there are some key differences. If you are looking to get fit or losing weight, or if you are looking to...

What should be the goal of a beginner before doing bodybuilding?

Everything has a starting point but before you start bodybuilding you need to set yourself some goals because without them you won’t be able to workout properly. There are three questions you...

Is warm up necessary before workout?

A warmup is meant to warm up your body by raising the body's temperature and increasing blood to muscles in preparation for the real workout to come without actually fatiguing you and...

How does cross-training prevent injuries?

Cross-training refers to a form of training routine that uses different forms of exercises other than the normal drill associated with a sport. It is good for athletic preparation as well as...

Are Pilates really effective?

A common question is that are pilates effective? Well, effectiveness depends on your goals but there are ways in which they are effective.

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