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Planks and Abs – Are They a Match?

There are very few freehand exercises that help you gain abs.Some of them are crunches, bridges and planks are few exercises that can deliver you all those satisfying abs. However, planks are the underrated exercises here. The blog is a description of how planks can give you abs and also their benefits.

Physiological changes in isometric

Introduction Isometric workouts apply tension to specific muscles without moving the joints around them. By strengthening and stabilizing the muscles, they can increase physical endurance and posture. These workouts can help you improve...

Lower your blood pressure with isometric exercises

Lower your blood pressure with minimal exercise. Isometric exercises are the new exercises with tons of benefits. Read the blog to find more

Why Isometric exercises are so effective?

Isometric Exercises Unlike standard exercises, Isometric exercises involve the contraction of muscles without the movement of surrounding joints. In Addition to using muscles, almost all strength training exercises involve joint movement. Contradictorily,...

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