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What are differences between Clean and Jerk and Clean and Press

The key distinction between the clean & jerk vs clean and press is that the jerk is not a press. The first part of the jerk is a push press and then...

Strongmen or Bodybuilder- Who is stronger?

Strength is a most sought-after fitness goal. But who is the strongest? One popular comparison is between strongmen and bodybuilders.

Can Powerlifting make you bigger?

What is powerlifting? Powerlifting is a competitive sport in which you are judged on your ability to lift the heaviest weight possible in one repetition of a back squat, deadlift, and bench press...


Wondering how can powerlifting cause piles or hemorrhoids? Here is how it is caused and you can prevent it? Visit this page

Will Powerlifting Destroy your body?

Does Powerlifting destroy your body? Read to find out.

Strongman Vs. Powerlifting : Which to Choose?

Strongman vs. powerlifting.

Why Powerlifting Is Good For You?

Any sport or physical exercise can provide you with a well-built athletic body. However, recently the trend is shifting more towards building a muscular strong body, and therefore exercises involving weights have...

How Powerlifting Weight Class Works?

Unlike other exercises or weight training, powerlifting is unique in a sense as it requires the lifter to pay more attention to his weight than usual. But why is this so? It...

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