Take Advantage Of Mobility Exercises

What are mobility exercises?

Mobility is something that is a big part of a fitness program but most often the least paid attention to.  It can be defined as the ability to put a full range of motion on your arms and legs. Mobility is something that gives you a better sense of balance, advanced movement, much less risk of injury, etc. With mobility exercises you’re less likely to undergo injuries, furthermore, it helps progress your fitness goals and not hit plateaus. 

There’s a common confusion between mobility and flexibility. Flexibility is when our joints move pain-free and allows free movement through various poses. It provides us with a bigger range of motion during physical exercise. 

In the case of mobility, you guide the entire range of movement with muscles. Mobility refers to the strength of the muscle in this range of motion. For example, you control the movement of your entire arm with the help of arm muscles alone. 

So why is it essential to include mobility exercises? 

According to studies, dynamic or mobility training has proven to be more efficient. That is, stretching with motion is better than stable stretching or stretching in one particular position. It improves the performance level during the following workout and increases strength. 

In other words, mobility basically trains our body for the intensity that is about to follow. It eases the stress of the training to the body thereby improving technique, form, and overall range of motion. We can do mobility training with the help of our body weight as well with a foam roller, resistance band, or even poles. 

To conclude, mobility training has numerous benefits and is something that will elevate your entire workout session. It leads to a greater range of motion, better form, reduces the risk of injury as well as soreness. It’s recommended and preferable if you choose to include static stretching for the cool-down part of your workout, providing your body with the most needed stretch and rest after an intense session.

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