What are Boxing Gloves?

Boxing gloves are defined as cushioned gloves that boxers wear on their hands during boxing matches to more forcefully deliver the punches. They also refer to training gloves that are used during training sessions. Even though these gloves usually differ from competition gloves.

The primary purpose is to protect the hands of the striker. Though different specialized gloves are now available for competitions, sparring practice, and other types of training. The advantage of wearing boxing gloves is to sustain fewer facial injuries and even to render those injuries less serious and superficial.

But, it needs to be stated that boxing gloves do not reduce the risk of brain damage for the boxers.


Preventing Finger Joint Displacement-
One of the main functions of boxing gloves is to provide a cushion for the finger joints. Finger joints are most vulnerable to the shock of a punch. The impact point in time of the punch may have a devastating effect causing damage to the knuckles. Gloves here stand as a protection shield that works based on the equal distribution of force.

Protecting Your Opponents-
The impact of the force in a moving object is known as momentum. Boxing is all about momentum. Without boxing gloves, the effect of the momentum is much higher and effective than with gloves.

Without gloves the momentum a punch carries may result in heavy damage and bring some misfortunes to opponents. The larger area due to the gloves reduces the impact of the shock. This in turn helps to protect an opponent from any serious injuries.

Reduces Blood Shed-
It is a common phenomenon that competitors bleed from the forehead to the nose during a boxing match. Some serious boxing punches can follow through into the bleeding eventually resulting in a blood bath.

Blood loss due to a fight happens more frequently if the boxer doesn’t use them. Bare-knuckle boxing reduces the area and drastically increases the force. This results in increased damage that consequently ends in a blood bath between two opponents.

Wrist Support-
From a medical perspective, the shock that results from the momentum of a boxing punch may do some serious injury. Protection from that momentum is provided by gloves.

Wrist injuries have a lasting effect and take a longer time to recover. This puts a threat against the career of a boxer. Boxing gloves or wrapping of the hand gives the wrist stability during the shock so the boxer can avoid injuries.

After knowing all about boxing gloves, the following are some of the best options for the up roaring fighter in you:

Bytomic Performer 3.0 Carbon Boxing Gloves-

Bytomic generally produces the best value boxing gloves for both beginner and advanced boxers. These Performer 3.0 Carbon Gloves are great for beginners as they’re super lightweight and incredibly affordable.

Trideer Pro Grade –

Grab a pair of boxing gloves at an affordable price with this set from Trideer. Despite the price, you still get multiple layers of foam to allow for shock absorption when you hit your bag. While the synthetic leather won’t hold up to the same standards as genuine leather, it will still last through multiple rounds.

These gloves also provide a full wrap-around wrist strap to keep them secure through tough workouts.

Hawk Sports Gloves-

A hook and loop closure around the wrist allows for security and makes it easier to take on and off. Like other gloves, these also offer a thick foam layer for support and shock absorption as you throw powerful punches at heavy bags.

You also get holes to allow for some ventilation and a waterproof lining so your hands stay comfortable and not soggy.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves-

The Venum Challenger Gloves are probably the best for training. These Venum boxing gloves include triple density foam for better shock management and added hand protection. It comes along with a breathable interior mesh. The added protection also makes the Venum Challenger gloves some of the best for beginners.

Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Gloves-

One of the top-tier boxing brands, these Cleto Reyes gloves offer a durable, high-quality shield for your hands.
Made with leather on the outside and latex foam on the inside, you have the perfect combo for keeping your body safe as you throw jabs, crosses, uppercuts, and hooks.

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