The Mediterranean Diet: Gluten-free choice?

Can the Mediterranean diet be gluten-free?

In order to understand the Gluten-Free Mediterranean Diet, let us first determine the Mediterranean diet. 

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

Mediterranean diet 7-day meal plan

Inspired by the people surrounding the Mediterranean Sea like Greece, Italy, and Spain.

This style of eating was adopted from their eating and diet habits. Hence, this idea revolves around traditional forms of food that were consumed by the people of these lands.

They avoid refined carbs such as white pasta, white bread as well as refined oils and saturated sugars. 

Studies proved people with such a diet were shown to be much healthier than those who followed the American lifestyle. There is no one list of foods, rather the general idea is to consume foods on the healthier side.

Consequently, the best part is that it can be modulated according to personal needs and goals. Additionally, this diet has proven to cause weight loss and prevent many chronic illnesses.

The Gluten-Free Mediterranean Diet

Following the Mediterranean Diet but making modifications in terms of the grains consumed. The main significant change is substituting whole grains for any gluten-containing grains such as millets, brown rice, quinoa, etc.

Diet recommendations are as follows :

Highly recommended foods : 

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Mediterranean Diet: Complete Food List and 14-Day Meal Plan | Everyday  Health
  1. Vegetables 
  2. Nuts
  3. Seeds
  4. Legumes
  5. Potatoes
  6. Seafood 
  7. Spices and Herbs 

In moderation : 

  1. Poultry 
  2. Eggs 
  3. Cheese 
  4. Healthy Fats

Conclusion :

Any dietary change made should be gradual. Baby steps can go a long way. Adding fiber-rich foods is essential in order to help the gut adjust. Also, it is equally important to drink adequate amounts of water. Consulting a professional can help direct your diet and ensure that you are receiving the needed vitamins and minerals. Many problems such as iron deficiency can arise with sudden or improper shifts in dietary plans. in conclusion, a diet can be easily made gluten-free.

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