You never know when and how you get infected from covid-19. The time is deadly we are
required to be very attentive after all it is a matter of life. Since cities and countries are
getting unlock, life is slowly – slowly coming back to track. Staying at home for a long time
wasn’t something that anyone imagined. But life cannot go the same way and today, you
and I are again out of the house, but this didn’t mean we become careless, we should be
following the guidelines given by the government.
Gyms are opened, people again get a chance to get out and feed their body with a healthy
workout. But your healthy workout can turn into an unhealthy welcome of the virus in the
Things one should keep in mind after returning from the gym.
1. Distancing – Keep a safe distance from everyone. YOur sweaty body can be more
attractive to the virus. Who knows, might be you are infected or the other person is
infected. Staying in distance and using alternative machines in the gyms for more
safety. Wear a mask while leaving the house and returning to the house, no matter the
gym is a neighbor of our house.
2. Sanitizing – Keep sanitizing yourself, every piece of equipment you touch, before and after
sanitize yourself touching any accessories of the gym. Sanitizes your fitness
checking tools like a smartwatch, SmartPhone, Headphones, etc.
3. Do not share – ya!!! Sharing is indeed caring, but nobody will like to share a virus or
take virus. Bring your things just like you used to take your stationery in the exam.
Cause it common for gyming mate sharing towels, water bottles, or T-shirts with one
other, so stop it.
4. Taking a bath – Just as you enter your house, relax in one place, till your body match
room temperature, and then directly take bath, the active virus or any germs will die
and your chances to get affected with covid-19 can be decreased.
5. Wash your clothes – Every day after coming from the gym, make sure you wash your
clothes and disinfect them. No matter whether you sweat on that day or not, do not
wear the same clothes for the next day without washing and disinfecting them.
6. Warm water – Make sure you intake warm water more than chilled, or at least water
at room temperature. The warm water will help your lings to fight against covid-19 if
you get infected and unaware of the fact.
7. Maintain your immunity – Immunity is very important to maintain here. The game is
about having strong immunity. Degine your diet mostly in vegetarian styles. You can
buy immunity supplements from the market or can make herbal supplements at
home like Tulsi water, golden water, etc.


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