Triathlon And Strength Training

Strength Training And Triathlon

Triathlon And Strength Training. Triathlon is an a three-phased sports competition consisting of a long-distance race (such as swimming, bicycling, and running)

Why Is Strength Training Important for Triathletes?

Every season, regardless of discipline and attention, the aim is the same: to improve. With that objective in mind, we can clearly see why strength training is an important element of triathletes’ organised training:

The most prevalent purpose for practising strength workouts is to prevent injury. Strength training on a regular basis can assist to maintain muscle mass, enhance bone density, and protect susceptible joints from damage.

Grow well-rounded: While the objective should always be to improve in the specific sport you’re focusing on, it shouldn’t be to become weak in other areas. Being an athlete, rather than merely a cyclist, runner, or swimmer, has importance. No matter what you’re doing, you should feel your best.

Strength training, especially with weights, develops slow-twitch muscle fibre, which gives you more power.

Slow-twitch muscle fibres do not create lactic acid at the same rate as fast-twitch muscle fibres, allowing you to exert greater power for longer periods of time. More power equals a higher lactate threshold.

30-Minute Set of Strength Training for Triathletes

Weinmann’s 30-minute strength training for triathletes set may be found here. These workouts will aid in the development of the muscular endurance required for triathlon. Repeat four times with a 30-second pause between each motion and a two-minute rest at the conclusion of the set.

Standing Lat Pulldown with Straight Arms

Face the lat pulldown machine with both hands at arm’s length holding the bar. Press the bar down to hip level while bracing your stomach and activating your glutes. Take a one-second pause before slowly returning for three seconds. Perform 12 repetitions at 25-35 lbs.

Bench Press with Dumbbells Alternating

Position yourself on a bench with your arms fully extended and dumbbells in your hands. While one arm is extended, lower one dumbbell to chest level for three seconds. For one second, return to the start position. Alternate for 20 repetitions of 15-20 pounds on each sides.

Triathlete Strength Training Tips

Making strength training a priority for triathletes is the first step, and then it’s a question of focusing on how it may help you perform better in training and on the race course. Here are a few additional pointers to consider when you include a strength training programme for triathletes into your routine.

1.Understand the Basics

Learn the fundamentals of developing a great strength training programme, in addition to ensuring that you’re utilising perfect form for all exercises (which is a necessity).

2. Always begin with a proper warm-up.

You wouldn’t start a track workout without first warming up, and the same can be said for taking up a dumbbell. You’re reducing the efficacy of your strength training session and perhaps putting yourself at risk of injury if you omit the warm-up.

3. Keep Your Race Schedule in Mind

Regular strength training is usually always a good option, but when major races approach, be cautious. Cut back on exercises that might leave you uncomfortable or exhausted, just like you cut back on total training volume. And, similar to endurance training, you won’t lose your fitness overnight. In one research, runners who ceased strength training for four weeks kept the advantages and improved their speed.

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