Is WARM-UP essential?

With any workout, a good warm-up for your body first is essential. It is recommended before walking. Since walking has become a prime exercise routine for many with lack of time. A good warm-up will not only help to feel better during the walk, but after it too.

An ideal warm-up includes three to five minutes of easy walking plus dynamic moves that mimic the action of walking and prime the muscles you’ll be using. You can do this dynamic routine before or after some easy walking.

The foremost hurdle turns out, to have the motivation to go ahead and workout. Starting with priming up the body and getting up and working is essential to reduce all the cramped up stiffness in our bodies.

Some important warm-up exercises before walking are as follows:

Hamstring scoops:

Put one foot in front of the other (similar to taking a step) and pause. Then scoop both your arms down past your flexed front foot before taking your next step. You should feel a similar stretch to touching your toes, along the back of your leg. You’re also warming up the body with a walking movement simultaneously.

Ankle rolls:

Ankle injuries are common while running and walking. So stretching those joints beforehand increases the range of motion and helps to prevent injury.
Sit on a couch or in a chair and begin to rotate your ankle slowly in a circular motion to the right. Now switch directions and circle the ankle to left. Repeat the same on the other foot.

Leg stretch:

To further stretch those hamstrings, start in a standing position with both of your arms held out straight in front of you. Slowly walk forward, but instead of taking normal steps, kick your legs up as high as possible, reaching both hands towards your toe. Dynamic stretches that incorporate movement help to warm up your muscles and get your heart rate up.

Quad stretch:

While standing on your right foot, grab your left foot with both hands and pull it behind you so that it touches your butt. Hold the stretch for about 5 seconds, then alternate legs. When feeling unstable, hold on to any stable surface with one hand. Customize by adding movement to this stretch by walking while alternating legs.

Spinal twists:

While standing in place, bring your arms out straight to your sides. Rotate your body from left to right, stretching the muscles in your back. You should be feeling loser in the upper body.

Arm circles:

Moving on to your arms that would assist by moving constantly too. Hold your arms straight out to your sides. Begin moving your arms in circles, increasing the size of the circles as you begin to feel sore.

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