Weight Loss Juice Recipes

Homemade things are mom’s favorite and making juice at home is another love of mom people. Well, no doubt juices were the best and coolest option for weight loss. And it is easy to make at home, without any extra efforts. Juice won’t only help you to lose weight but also help you to fight against various diseases in your body and make your body more healthy, shiny, and attractive. The result you will get going to remain till the end.

Healthy foods are much more loyal than any relation, and more profitable than any other investment.

So juice stock you should buy for your health and weight loss

  1. Apple Juice – An apple keeps a doctor away, and An apple keeps fat away from the body. Apple already acts as a fat burner, so why apple juice stays behind. Take apples and wash them properly, remove the peel and cut into pieces and blend it till it turns into liquid don’t forget to add water. Now add salt or sugar whatever you prefer.
  2. Carrot Juice – Gajjar ka halwa is everyone’s favorite. But what about Carrot Juice, we hardly care about it. Well Well since you want to lose weight try carrot juice, carrot juice helps a lot in killing disease, it covers all most all your claims, just like insurance. You can add orange, ginger, and apple to make more and more profitable deals and investments.
  3. Cucumber Juice – Freshness that all you will feel after having one class juice of cucumber, you can add lemon, salt, and mint leaves to make it taste more amazing. It will somehow taste like guava.
  4. Amla Juice – Uhmmm!! Its taste may be awful to you but a natural sweet like adding honey won’t harm. Amla Juice will not only help you losing weight but also nourish your hair and make your eye sights strong. At least you won’t be feeling blind in your early forties.
  5. Pomegranate Juice – It came to health and we forget Pomegranate juice. Pomegranate is like “Permanent hu!! Bhai!” Pomegranate is not less than any miracle, it can heal and fight again any disease, and bodyweight loss is a small matter.


The result will visible in the first week only. It May is not drastically losing your weight but the healthy feeling your body will feel will be worth it. Just in one month without any market supplement or capsule, your body will shine and attract. The glow your face will be having. Try on your own for two months only the effect will make you lead this habit for life long. You will be a part of natural beauty.

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