What Are Eating Disorders ?

There are many times when people eat more often than required. These people have unhealthy relationships with food. Some binge eat food just to kill time. Unfortunately, this has become a serious health condition of today’s era. When a person has irregular and unexpected food habits and eating timings, this situation is termed as Eating Disorders.

eating disorder

Factors Of Eating Disorders

  1. It could happen due to genetics. When a person in the family has this disorder, then probability is that the gene is more likely to travel to someone or the other of their family.
  2. Excessive stressing could be a prominent factor. You must have noticed that when you are in stress, you either tend to eat more or eat none. Either of the conditions are dangerous. One can turn obese.
eating disorder
  1. Social pressure is a prime cause of eating disorders. Our society has been portraying thin people as ‘fit’ and chubby people as ‘unhealthy’. This thinking when rooted within someone, the person tends to naturally eat less and try to eat only specific foods.
  2. Eating disorders could develop in someone who has an unstable personality. If you are impulsive, a perfectionist or someone panics a lot, then there are chances that you might be a victim of this health condition.

Examples Of Eating Disorders

Anorexia Nervosa

This health condition is prevalent among youth, especially among women. In this, a person tends to be conscious about their body to such an extent that they consider themselves overweight, even if they are not. They keep a tight check on their diet and eating habits.

Binge Eating Disorder

There is almost half of the entire world’s population suffering from this eating disorder. In this, one eats constantly, no matter what time it is. They might move from one room to another, swallowing a small bite of a chocolate, only to come again for another snack.


A weird eating disorder, Pica is something in which a person eats something which is not even called food. Examples are eating ice, chalk, hair, paper, stones, etc. It can occur in anyone and at any stage of life.

How To Cure Them

There are a few options available for treating eating disorders. Let’s have a quick look at them.

  1. One could go for Outpatient programs. The session involves several therapies needed to change the habits.
  2. One could be partially hospitalized so that they could get constant monitoring.
  3. If the condition is very serious, the person can opt for Inpatient hospitalization.
  4. There are even some medical sessions when a person gets full attention at their own home under the care of nurses.

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