The myth is that non-veg food provides more protein in comparison to veg food. Many people believe that veg food hardly provides efficient protein to the body, which is purely wrong. In Fact, veg food is much more beneficial to the human body than non-veg food. Let’s agree that non-veg food provides a high amount of protein and no doubt they do, but what about the risk of consuming non-veg food. You never know, was that animal healthy or was infected with some kind of disease, was it clean properly before getting cooked. Non-veg food carries so many risks with it which can harm your body. People who face skin problems are highly recommended to avoid non-veg food. As humans are placed the highest at the food chain, it is the nature of humans to eat non-veg. Now, these days the welfare of animal people is shifting from non-veg to veg and vegan food. For fulfilling the demand for protein in the body, now a human doesn’t require to kill someone, there are many plant-based proteins which provide more than enough protein to anyone.
Plant-Based Protein
1. Chia seeds – The complete source of protein-rich in omega-3. Chia seed can be added as a sprinkle on foods like you can sprinkle it over Kheer, oats can also be taken with milk. Water-soaked chia seed is the best option to feed yourself. Chia the seed is so high in demand that it is easily available in any market even online also. Many companies are selling them out in the market.
2. Nuts – Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, Pecans, etc. Highly rich in protein. Just like chia seeds, nuts can also be eaten in the same way, but people take it without involving any other supplement. The good thing here is that nuts taste so simple and plain that children can also eat them without making an annoyed face.
3. Peanuts – Peanuts are also a part of nuts, but it has another position in mind. Whenever the Protein word spoke the echo of peanuts automatically occurred. In the market peanut butter is so easily available, people prefer to apply peanut butter between the bread and enjoy the taste. Just like people make white sauce pasta, people also make peanut butter pasta. They even eat peanuts with the Chapati.
4. Potatoes – Who doesn’t like potatoes? Well, there are many who don’t like potatoes, but they also can’t deny the fact that potatoes provide a handsome amount of protein. And in South Asia potatoes are so common that once in a day meal they consume potatoes. There are infinite ways to have potatoes in a meal.
5. Lentils – ‘Masoor dal’ Hindi recognition of Lentils. Even though cereals are rich in protein, lentils are the Ambani of all cereals. Again south Asia has a high consumption of lentils in their life. It is not only rich in protein but also in other vitamins and nutrition.

The thing is that every veg food contains each and every nutritions with them but it is just like quantity varies. The scenario is like a classroom with many students who are taught the same subjects but some are good in one subject so someone is great in another subject. Vegetarian food does provide all the required amounts of nutrition in the body in the most effective way.


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