What Are The Compulsive Eating Disorders?

What is a Feeding or Eating disorder?

A feeding disorder is a mental health issue in which a person experiences weird and abnormal eating habits like eating too much in very little time or not eating sufficiently. A person experiencing this disorder can feel extreme anxiety about their weight and their feeding habits and get of these habits.
This is majorly found in teenagers between 14 to 18 years because teenagers of this age are hitting puberty and experiencing a lot of change in body mentally and physically and creating stress, confusion, and anxiety and these extreme changes may lead to this eating disorder.

List of the most common eating disorder:

1. Anorexia nervosa:

anorexia nervosa disorder makes a person worried about their weight and what they eat.

2. Binge eating:

Binge disorder is a condition when a person loses control consuming an excessive amount of food at a time.

3. Bulimia nervosa:

It is also a binge disorder but In Bulimia nervosa, the person is eating excessively and then getting rid of it.

4. Pica:

Pica disorder is related to Craving and consuming non-edible substances like; paper, soil, clay, stones, ice, etc.

5. Rumination disorder:

Rumination is a very unusual disorder where a person eats something and spits it out of the stomach and then chewing it again.

6. Avoidant/ restrictive food disorder:

Avoidant disorder, the person loses their appetite and restricts their diet but not for the reason of maintaining weight.
Now, here I am going to discuss in-depth those disorders of compulsive eating.

So, as it was mentioned above there is two disorder where the person is suffering facing extensive eating. And they are:

1. Binge disorder
2. Bulimia nervosa

So, firstly I am going to talk about.


What is a Binge eating disorder?

In Binge disorder, the person suffering has lost their control over overeating and eating a very huge amount of food at a time even when they are full they cannot stop. The person may not realize that they had consumed too much but then regretting about it later.

Causes of Binge eating disorder

1. Gender: Gender could be a reason as it is more common in females than males.

2. Age: Yes, age does matter in this disorder. The most affected generation is adulthood because of the stress and puberty, any family issue, dissatisfaction from themselves.

3. Body image: the person suffering from this disorder questions themselves for being too fat or too thin and dissatisfied with their body and this causes excessive eating.

Let’s see How to find out that a person is having this disorder.

  • Eating more than the normal amount of food a person generally eats.
  • Eating more than their capacity.
  • Feeling ashamed and disgusted by their eating habits.
  • Eating in private because of embarrassment.

Now, the other compulsive eating disorder is


It is a serious feeding disorder also life-threatening where the person suffering eats above their capacity (just like binge) but in this, the person will try to compensate the eating by the means of vomiting, intense workout, intermittent fasting, and taking an excessive dose of laxative.
According to the study of apollo hospital around 1 million cases of bulimia nervosa.
The symptoms and causes of both Bulimia and binge are similar.

These two feeding disorders are almost similar but let’s look few points that differentiate them from each other.

It has afterward compensation
It has no afterward effects except
regret and depression
Common in adolescence, teenagersCommon in adulthood
Common in both normal weight and
Commonly found in overweight


In this article, you had read about eating disorders and types of feeding disorders than about compulsive eating disorders (binge eating and bulimia) and their symptoms and causes and the difference between bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder.
if you want to know more about eating disorders click here.

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