What are Variable Resistance Machines

Variable Resistance exercises are carried out through the use of specialized machines that are designed to permit control of the entire force-generating movement.

Variable resistance exercise is designed to achieve maximum muscular involvement and requires different degrees of force to be applied on the target muscle to create constant resistance, the muscle have to work harder to meet the demands of the exercise.

The machines may be designed for the training of any group of muscles in the body. Common features of variable resistance training machines are the presence of cables, pulleys, resistance bands, with the fixed position to ensure that the user cannot recruit other muscle groups to assist in the completion of the prescribed movements. This type of training adds variability, improves the overall strength and helps to break through training plateaus.

How to do Variable Resistance Training: Machine and Equipment

Gym Machines

Gym machines or Chain pulling are a safe way to add variable resistance to exercises like arm curls or leg extensions. The machine helps you to easily control the load through a fixed movement path. Make sure to adjust the machine according to the body before beginning an exercise.

Resistance Bands

If you are training at home, rubber bands can provide resistance to strength exercises. Using a resistance band in variable resistance exercises like chest press, tricep extension, standing bicep curls or single leg press, donkey kickback and leg raise.

Chains with free weights

Chains are sometimes used in powerlifting training. However, if you use chains to add resistance to a lift, make sure that a portion of the chain remains in contact with the floor at all times. This helps to prevent injury, limits movement of the chain during the lift. Eg: to use chains plus free weights, attach chains to the ends of your dumbbells or at the bottom of your kettlebell.

Resistance bands with free weights

Resistance bands can be used with free weights to improve strength in exercises like the back squat and bench press. To improve the peak power in these exercises, it is recommended to use free weight with resistance bands as for example of using bands with weights is to tie the band to your back waist and grip the resistance band as you hold the dumbbell. Then, pull it up upwards for a harder bicep curl. Seek advice from experienced trainer, how to use resistance bands with free weights more safely and effectively.

Benefits of variable resistance is to further increase strength and improve neuromuscular coordination.

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