What benefits does glutamine have?

Glutamine is an amino acid which has the purpose of serving as building blocks for proteins and is also a critical part of our immune system. It also fuels the cells to protect our intestines and helps in transportation of substances within our body.

Sources of Glutamine

It is naturally present in our body, but can also be found in various foods and supplements such as wheat, peanut, corn and milk. The largest amounts of it are found in animal products due to high protein contents. However, plant sources such as white rice and corn have a large percent of multiple health benefits of glutamine and is necessary in our diet.

Benefits of Glutamine

Glutamine can ease the effects of cancer treatments, vomiting diarrhea, oral inflammation. our body makes the glutamine it needs for functioning, however it may require more when stressed. There are several health benefits glutamine can offer.

1. It supports our immune system

Glutamine helps in fighting off infections and diseases as it fuels the body’s white blood cells. Studies have shown that our glutamine levels decline as a result of injury or illness and reduces the immune abilities of the cells.

2. Role in intestine health

Our intestines are a major part of our immune system. Glutamine is an important energy source for intestinal and immune cells and helps in maintaining the barrier between our intestines and the rest of our body, it is also essential for normal growth and maintenance of cells within our intestine.

3. Muscle recovery and improvement in workout performance

Although, there is limited research to almost no evidence on the benefits of glutamine in the field of he muscle gain or strength performance. Studies however have shown that athletes performed better and experienced reduced muscle damage when supplemented with glutamine.


Glutamine is an amino acid which exists in two forms: L-glutamine and D-glutamine, it fuels the intestinal and immune cells, necessary for keeping it strong. it is also frequently used as a sport supplement , however one should consider researching well before taking it.

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