What Diuretics For Bodybuilders Are Available ?

We have often seen bodybuilders trying their best to get that fittest body everyone had only imagined of. They workout the whole day to get into the best muscular shape. Also, they take care of their diet and try to get the driest body ever. They have control over almost everything that influences their body. Infact, it takes years to get that perfect muscle and hard mass for bodybuilding and/or photo shoots. Hence, for them, Diuretics for bodybuilders are available.

diuretics for bodyb

Bodybuilding is an art. And the people who are thriving to buckle down to get a tough body are the artists. In the process of bodybuilding, people tend to go through a lot of struggles. They need to make sure that they are zero in fat content. Also, they ensure that there is minimal water in their bodies so that they can get a dry and muscular look. And this is where diuretics comes for rescue.

diuretics for bodyb

What Are Diuretics For Bodybuilders ?

Diuretics are a form of drugs that facilitate the process of bodybuilding. Their major role is to dehydrate the body upto a certain level. Infact, many diuretics tend to act such that the water and sodium level in the body gets out through the urinary tract. In this process, blood pressure reduces. When the water is removed from the system, the arteries and veins appear clearly and promptly on the skin, giving a proper bodybuilder’s look.

diuretics for bodyb

There are a variety of diuretics for bodybuilders to get into shape. But on a broad scale, the diuretics are classified into three main types.

1. Osmotic Diuretics

By the name itself it is clear that their work is based on the process of osmosis. They target kidneys in order to instruct them to release every element that enters it for the process of filtration. Their side effect is kidney failure.

2. Potassium-Sparing Diuretics

In this case, the term ‘Potassium-sparing’ clearly speaks about its utility. It spares potassium ions, letting the rest. Also, it removes sodium and water from the system. It is mild in nature, but could cause some irregulation in heartbeats due to excessive amounts of Potassium.

3. Loop Diuretics

This is the most used diuretic among bodybuilders. They act on the kidneys such that they completely flush out all the components from the body. Some of the risk factors could be blood thickening, kidney failure and cramping. Furosemide (Lasix) is a very common loop diuretic in the field of bodybuilding.

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