Imagine completing your file of either office presentation or assignment and then a dog really eats your stuff. “A dog at my homework” the most famous excuse and the excuse is turning into reality.

Now imagine the abs you made, built, and maintain from your sweat, blood, and efforts got eaten by food that you are eating.

You might not able to protect your homework from the dog but your muscles can be protected from getting ruined. 

1. High Salted food – You might not know, but the food you ate can be high slated. Might be your tongue is so comfortable with the quantity of the salt that you don’t realize the level of salt you are intaking. High salted food or especially food can start decaying your calcium in the body and directly affecting your bones. Effecting your bone can directly or indirectly harm your muscles and abs. 

2. Sugar food – Indeed sugar is sweet-sweet and in love with our tongue but this could be toxic for the abs you have. Sugar increases the calories in the body and starts turning the abs into a fat belly. Sugar not only increases the bodyweight but also leads to a problem like a diabetic.

3. Fried Food – Especially available on the street side. Street side foods are the best. The taste, the smell, easily melting the heart of everyone. But fried foods are oily foods, which every health-conscious people avoid. It increases your weight, heart problem, celestrol problem, kidney problem, etc. So avoid fried foods.

4. Street Food – As said mouth-watering and heart-melting food, but abs killing food. Street foods are dangerous and we don’t know how safe it is to eat. And it can destroy your abs.

5. Packed food – It is easy to make and tasty to consume but pack food contain so many calories, sugar, preservative and they are too much to harm your abs. They start decaying your muscles from the inside and bring other health regarding the problem. 

6. Alcohol – Alcohol is dangerous to health and everyone is aware of the fact. Alcohol is not good and harms the body organs to infinity. 

There are many foods that can harm our abs but this also doesn’t mean that we totally stop them consuming. They are tasty and indeed we are addicted to eating and we can eat but quantity is that matter. If we keep the food within the limit there will be no harm to you. But daily maintenance and exercise are required.  


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