‘Pesce’ is a word driven from the Italian word which means fish. When fish or aquatic animal as a food product in the vegetarian food is called to be a Pescatarian diet. The body calls protein from the fish product. 

Pescatarian is ar for those who are not comfortable with the chicken and meat but are fine with the fish. 

Gaining all the advantages of the plant protein plus enjoying the benefits of fish product foods. 

Plants are already counted as the best source of food meanwhile fish is considered for extra healthy health. 

A person whose diet is mostly vegetarian but includes fish and seafood. Simple dictionary language which is easy to understand. 

There are not any guidelines and rules like in zone diet. It is not concern about how often you intake fish in your diet, whether you choose once a week or daily in a diet. 

Sometimes dairy is excluded. 

In pescatarian what do they eat are whole grain and grain products, Legumes and their products, including beans, lentils, tofu and hummus, Nuts and nut butter, peanuts and seeds, Seeds, including hemp, chia, and flaxseeds, Dairy, including yogurt, milk, and cheese, Fruits, Vegetables, Fish and shellfish, Eggs. 

In pescatarian what do they not eat are Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Turkey, Wild game.

NOTE – Pescatarian is not a normal diet or any weight loss diet, it is a health-conscious diet.  

Reason for the existence of the Pescatarian Diet.

 Fish provide omega-3 which is very-very beneficial for the heart. Fish diet lowers the blood pressure, maintain the rhythm of the heartbeat, and also lower the case of a heart attack. 

It boosts the protein powder in the body. This diet is also rich in various vitamins and minerals, People with 2 types of diabetics are also benefiting from the pescatarian. 

Animal welfare or animal lovers or those who can’t afford to see animals in pain. 

NOTE – Fish doesn’t feel because of the lack of the neural network they might have psychological stress. 

Unlike animals on the ground, fish are free from pain so they might not feel bad for them.

But apart from this pescatarian diet is basically counted as a vegetarian diet, but fish here work as either black money or bonus. 

Vegetarian foods are not considered too rich in giving proper diet to the human body, it is seen as a typical middle-class category so in order to show some class veg diet food take help of aquatic diet food.


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