What is a strength runner?

Strength Running is all about making you a better distance runner, whether you are a 5k runner or a marathoner, it helps you to run more consistently to beat injuries and to ultimately get faster. Strength runners use minimalist training shoes and barefoot as a tool to build strength, get faster, and prevent injuries.

Rules for a strength runner

1) Take Action and Finish What You Begin

Too many runners read training publications, blogs, and articles but don’t apply any of the information to their training. You’ll be pushed to be more proactive about your running and take charge of your fitness here.

You’re probably aware that tempo workouts boost your aerobic endurance. Do you, on the other hand, participate in them? If you’re a Strength Runner, they’re an important part of your routine. You know that strength training can help you avoid injuries, so you do it. Strength Runners take control of their training because they want to achieve their objectives.

2) Set big goals for yourself and know how to achieve them.

The reason we train is to achieve our objectives. Maybe you need someone to check over your training plan or you need to be more consistent with your long runs.
Knowing how to achieve your goal, whatever it is, is just as vital as having that great aim. Make sure your training is on track (pun intended!) and don’t be scared to set a lofty goal if you believe it is possible.

3) Injuries are reduced as a result of smart training.

When you’re working hard to achieve a huge objective, injuries can happen. They should, however, not occur as frequently in Strength Runners as they do in “regular” runners. We understand how to look after ourselves and avoid the bulk of training errors that result in weaknesses, imbalances, and severe injuries.
Taking a day off from running isn’t a sign of weakness; rather, if you need it, it’s a wise choice! Pay attention to your body and recognise when you need to take a break. When you’re running more, get more sleep, do strength and core workouts to maintain your body strong, and run slower when you’re sore.

4) There’s More to Fast Running Than Just Running

Being a successful runner necessitates a lot of running. However, being able to run a lot necessitates a lot of non-running work, such as core, strength, and cross-training. This extra work makes you a better athlete by making you more nimble, stronger, injury-resistant, and coordinated.
These abilities – yes, abilities – enable you to run more miles and complete exercises in less time. That’s how you’ll be able to run faster on race day.

5) Minimalism is an Instrument

There’s no magic formula for running faster on race day; all it takes is solid preparation. You may have heard some outrageous claims regarding barefoot running, such as how it will help you become an ultramarathoner or that you will never get injured again.
Barefoot running, like tempo training, long runs, and strength sessions isn’t a magic pill for getting faster. Make the most of it – but only in moderation. Just a few minutes of barefoot running, strides or a brief easy run in flats can help you improve as a runner significantly.

6) Running is a lot of fun

Strength Runners are passionate about their sport and look forward to getting out the door for a run. Some of us are early risers or have a greater drive for hard exercise than appears to be possible. Have fun and appreciate the blessing of being a healthy runner, whatever your style is.

7) It’s All About Community

Running demands a lot of motivation, but there is a large running community to help you achieve your goals. Strength Runners make friends with people who have similar goals. It’s simpler to succeed when you have a team behind you who is rooting for you and cheering you on.


and, The Strength Running Vision: 7 Rules Of The Strength Runner Code

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