What if say there is no difference between superman and superfood and both of them doesn’t exist in reality. But we know someone who is just like superman in our life, who protect us from everything and doesn’t ask anything in return from us. 

Superfoods are those which provide us lots and lots of nutrients and minerals and the very least amount of calories. 

Superfoods are plant-based so Vegetarians, Vegan, Pescatarian are in benefits. 

Superfoods are high in quantity of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. 

1. Berries – Tasty-Tasty berries, you would have hardly considered about there health benefits. Yes, they are counted in the superfoods list, but not all berries are seen in the same way. Acai berries, Blueberries, Goji berries. They are full of vitamins, Acai has 19 amnio acids and antioxidant, while blueberries have fibers and manganese and goji berries are used in medicines for the disease of high blood pressure and diabetics. 

2. Dark Green Leafy – From childhood, we have been told how green foods are so beneficial for us. Benefiting from eyesight to the immune system, green leafy is best. The reason was that dark green leafy contain the color of iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, fiber. They also contained anti-inflammatory which protects against certain types of cancer.  

3. Soybeans – Soybeans have been always given the top priority of best protein sources, but this contains more than protein and therefore got the place in the superfood food list. It low down the volume of bad cholesterol in the body. Stop your aging memory loss, increase the bone power, give relief in menopause symptoms. 

4. Tea – There are many calling themselves tea lovers. But nobody loves the king of tea, Green tea. Of course, the taste of green tea is very awful but the health benefits are way greater. The antioxidant and caffeine substance together helping your body to lose excess and unhealthy weight.

The list may keep going but gathering different names from the list and keeping them together in one plate at least one time in a whole day is something that should be called a superfood diet. 

Somehow knowingly or unknowingly we intake many superfoods in our diet but think about the extra benefits of taking so many superfoods in your meal, from weight loss, fulfilling the lackness of any kind of nutrients, proteins, minerals, vitamins, removing the toxins from the body. Another feels that body will feel will be freshness, activeness. 

Many times due to deficiency of these superfoods cause common diseases and then doctors prescribe taking pills of vitamins and calcium.

But it can be avoided if the proper diet of food is taken and the amount of exercise and yoga will give you the best life of yours.  


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