What Is Bulking Without Working Out ?

Bulking without working out is a process in which we gain muscle mass without any workout session. Often athletes and bodybuilders workout intensely in order to become fit. Additionally, they try bulking very frequently. Also, they use a lot of supplements or mass gainers to get a perfect muscular look. But here, the case is different. Although the aim is to get strong muscles, the process won’t involve any workout.

Bulking is the method of gaining muscles by eating more than a limit for your body. Consequently, you have to do intense workout in order to convert the extra food into muscles. When you take in more calories, you have to exercise more to stay fit. The diet usually involves healthy foodstuffs such as fresh fruits, vegetables (especially leafy greens), legumes, dairy, poultry and other related items. The hard core exercise doesn’t let them deposit as fat. Rather, they contribute to forming a muscular body.

Bodybuilding is broadly categorized into three phases- bulking, cutting and maintenance. Bulking is the building or gaining phase. Cutting is the calorie deficit phase. Finally, the maintenance phase is in which you balance your body fat and muscle quantity. This is possible with a variety of exercises such as high-intensity and low-intensity training programs.

How Is Bulking Without Working Out Attained ?

Bulking is a common form of mass gaining session among the athletes and bodybuilders. But bulking without working out is not an easy sport. One has to control their wishes and cravings to achieve this kind of devotion. It is purely based on how devoted you are to your own body. Since this process involves eating more than a specific quantity, you have to keep in mind some things before going for this. Thus, let’s see some points for easy bulking without working out. 

  • Avoid junk food at all costs. You are allowed to overeat. But this doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever you want to. Try to involve some healthy recipes in your routine. Trust me, your body is going to thank you.
  • Cardio is an essentiality. Cardio should never be skipped at any cost. Moreover, it would definitely help you in gaining a muscular body rather that being obese.
  • Do this for about 4-6 months. Try to do bulking only for 4-6 months, not more than that. Going overboard can disturb the original metabolic rate and pattern of the body.

SOURCE: Healthline

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