What Is Childhood Obesity ?

With this fast life, we have forgotten almost everything. Eating fast, drinking fat, sleeping late and late mornings have become an irreplaceable part of our lives. This has posed a serious threat to our health. When a habit gets disturbed from its original time and place, it ruins the entire day. The problem is that not only adults, but also little munchkins of our society have become a target of these ill habits and unhealthy lifestyles. And this is leading to Childhood Obesity.

childhood obesity

Unhealthy lifestyle has ruined our lives. And it’s most common consequence is obesity. Obesity is a condition when a person gains weight more than his body could handle. There is immense fat deposition within the body that makes it difficult to carry out normal metabolic activities. Infact, an obese person cannot even walk or do anything smoothly as the extra skin constantly gets in between his tasks.

Obesity spares no one. Not only teenagers and adults, but also little children have become victims of this disorder. We see many overweight kids who have been suffering through this. But no worries. Obesity is a temporary condition and one can cure it by bringing a few obvious changes to their routines and diets.

What Causes Childhood Obesity

There are some causes of childhood obesity that need to be brought under the light. 

  1. The first and foremost reason is eating fast food. Fast foods are junk because of some concrete reasons. They are made by partial cooking; they have very low nutritional value; and they have high amounts of sodium and artificial sweeteners. One should avoid eating them, especially for children as this could hamper their life.
  2. Drinking plenty of water is a must. There are many children who don’t drink water properly. This is wrong and should be immediately changed.
  3. Eating too much oily and heavy food is also a reason for childhood obesity. Although a child is not eating anything from outside, still it doesn’t mean that they could always eat heavy food at home. Occasional eating is fine, but one should not go beyond the limit.
  4. Irregular sleep cycle is a prime cause of obesity in children. With the advertising of smart devices, it puts a lot of strain on their eyes. This blue light doesn’t let them sleep. This in turn causes a gain in weight.

How To Avoid It

Although a serious problem it seems, it has a permanent treatment. Hence, one needs to bring a noticeable difference in their daily life and inculcate some healthy habits to curb the extra fat hanging out there.

Start with making a diet chart and try to include all kinds of nutrients in it. However, occasional cheat days are a must as it won’t let the kids think that they couldn’t have their favourite food. Proper sleep and adequate water is important for maintaining a healthy balance in the child’s body. Not to forget, make your child exercise regularly so that the fat loss journey becomes more smooth.

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