What is Collagen protein?

Collagen protein is an ingredient you will found in cosmetics like shampoo, hair oil, body
lotion and etc. Collagen protein is referred to for your skin purpose. Your body rent the
twenty-eight types of collagen protein. They are also an abundant protein in the body and
can be found in skin, internal organs, and organic parts of bones like a ligament.
People with arthritis are tested that collagen protein breaks down very fast in bones and lead
them to pain.
But collagen protein is famous for beauty purposes. And if your body lacks in collagen, the
skin will start aging and hair loss will be the most common factor.
Sportsperson who are exposed to the sun most of the time, and UV rays with smoke plus
dust in the air harm the exposed skin which can also cause skin cancer, collagen protein act
as a bodyguard and fight from harmful acts of sun and air.
The sources of collagen are fish, chicken, eggs white, citrus foods, Berries, red and yellow
vegetables, garlic, White tea, Leafy greens, Cashews, Tomatoes, Bell peppers, Beans,
Avocados, Soy, Herbs high in collagen (Chinese knotweed, horsetail, gynostemma), Herbs
that help to produce collagen (Gotu kola, Bala, ashwagandha).
Collagen word came from the Greek word Kolla, which means glue and collagen is like glue
only, which joint the tissue for the skin.
Vitamin C is the biggest source, just like the sun is a natural source of light. Whenever a
the person complains about skin disease or problems so first thing advises them to bring vitamin
C in their diet, like lemon honey, orange juice, amla, etc.
Since most of the collagen is for skin effectiveness and is tissue connective, so it also plays
a major role in wound healing. Many times when we get cut, a small cut only we immediately
apply any cream in our house, cause every cream brought in the house has an ingredient
call collagen.
Apart from being biased to skin collagen relieve joint pain, build a wall against an
osteoarthritis disorder and any kind of joint pain i.e athletes also take collagen protein for
their joint and muscle pain at the time of injury or might be already having in a diet for daily
Collagen is also an important minister for bones, which keeps the bones strong. As women
are more exposed to bone density loss and highly in need to take a calcium supplement, so
in their calcium supplement collagen protein supplement is also added for better results. As
if calcium is king for bones, so collagen is a minister of bones.
When 1-10% of muscles are composed of collagen, so definitely collagen electrifies the
muscles to keep them strong and work in a functional manner.

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