A person looking to build muscle often adds supplements to his diet to enhance the muscle gaining process. However, in contrast, when a person is looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle in general by consuming supplements he is often clouded by a lot of confusion. This article might prove beneficial for such people as we take a look into a supplement that one can add to his regime in
order to get a healthier look.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid commonly referred to as CLA, is one such dietary supplement consisting of a bundle of naturally occurring isomers of linoleic acid. The term conjugated represents the presence of unsaturation, that is double bonds in the trans isomer of the compound. It can essentially be treated as a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid. But unlike other trans fatty acids, CLA, often
found in various vegetable oils, is beneficial for your health.

There are many different forms of CLA which differ by the arrangement of double bond present in them. The two most important and effective isomers are Cis-9 and Trans-11. They are found abundantly in dairy foods like milk and dairy animal meats like beef. This is because various pastured ruminants like cows have a specific enzyme in their body that converts omega-6 fatty acids
from plants to CLA, which gets stored into their milk and muscle tissues. Other isomers like trans-10 and cis-12 can be found in supplements in small amounts and are known to help a little with weight loss.

Since it is categorized as a trans-fat most people worry about the consumption of CLA and its after effect. Although it is a trans fat however it is a naturally occurring form of trans fat. Therefore, there are certainly no negative health effects like artificial trans fats which are risky for your cholesterol levels. However, CLA is a natural conformation of trans fat and is not harmful to your health in comparison to artificial trans fats. The CLA works more like an omega-6 acid than a trans fat therefore it has similar health benefits to omega-6.

Although there are not many know side effects of CLA, an excess amount can result in digestion issues like diarrhea, upset stomach, or constipation. Researches are still going on to found out various other major health benefits of CLA. It has been known to prove beneficial for heart diseases like Atherosclerosis, however, nothing can be stated firmly yet.


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