You must definitely have come across your pals or one of your colleagues bragging about their WOD and CROSSFIT workouts? You might as well have wondered what that even means?
Crossfit workouts became super popular recently a few years ago. Now, it is said that there are over 4 million active CrossFit members across the world.
So what are CROSSFIT workouts? Let’s start from scratch.


To be precise, Crossfit is training that makes one stronger and fitter by practicing a wide range of different exercises. It is basically a high-intensity workout that concentrates on cross-training functional movements from a variety of sports such as powerlifting, gymnastics, squatting, etc. The workout features variations of push-ups, weightlifting, and squats that lasts for a particular amount of time to help build muscles.
As we saw earlier, CrossFit is a high-intensity form of exercise. So the chances of being injured are pretty high, whenever you increase the intensity of your workout or the amount of weight that you lift.
Some of the common injuries include:
 Knee injuries
 Low back pain
 Tennis elbow
 Achilles tendonitis
 Rotator cuff tendonitis

If you are new to CrossFit it is advised to go at a slower pace rather than jumping straight into high-intensity workouts. It is good to be on a safer side and to adopt a slower pace and increase weight gradually until you get the hang of it.

As a beginner, it is advisable to work with a trained professional, who can make sure you are doing it the right way. Trying to rush through
exercises too quickly will likely get you injured.
Benefits of Crossfit:
 Improves physical versatility
 Promotes self-esteem and confidence
 Boosts flexibility
 Aids muscle tone
 Supports joint mobility
 Increases energy and stamina
 Rapid weight loss
 Every group of muscles is trained in a CrossFit workout
 Burns more fat in less time.

Cons of Crossfit:
Now that we have discussed the benefits of Crossfit, let’s see if it is dangerous? Is it bad for you?
 Survey shows that the injury rate of CrossFit workout is 3.1 per 1000 hours trained.
 It costs more than you pay for the gym.
 Vigorous exercise could be dangerous.
That being said the overall concern is about the injury. One should make sure not to hurt themselves during their high intensity

Crossfit: They force you to push your strength and challenge yourself day today.

Gym: Every gym provides us with pieces of equipment to train each/particular part of our body. Most of the gym works to shape one’s physical
appearance rather than their strength.
In my opinion, CROSSFIT is a striking deal. Why? Because many people struggle to go to the gym every day. Besides you can change your
Crossfit workout routines yourself after a couple of weeks. You can also do your CrossFit workouts in your home at your own ease. You can fit this style of exercise into a busy schedule; the time you spend is definitely is worth the cause.
If you’re a regular person with a limited amount of time and resources to spend on your fitness goals, then CROSSFIT is the best choice.
Crossfit is an effective workout for losing weight and improving one’s aerobic fitness. Consult a doctor if you have a health condition before engaging in intense workouts. You also have an option for joining Crossfit classes which promote creating community.


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