What is Dirty Bulking

Dirty bulking is a method of rapid weight gain with eating dense calorie & high-intensity resistance training to promote muscle and strength gains.

As many people find it difficult to lose weight, others find it hard to gain weight. A dirty bulk may be helpful for those individuals. It is usually promotes a significant calorie surplus and thus leads to weight gain. When following a dirty bulk, no foods are off-limits. High calorie shakes and mass gain powders are utilized during a dirty bulk to promote muscle gains.The sole objective of a dirty bulk is to put on as much muscular weight as possible, and that requires serious eating.

Dirty Bulking is Ideal for Hardgainer

Dirty bulking isn’t for everyone.If you’re already a hefty guy, dirty bulking is not for you. It will only make you fat.But, if you’re a skinny guy trying to gain weight, dirty bulking is a good way to do it. If you’ve struggled to gain weight before then you need to try dirty bulking.

How many Calories should take in Dirty Bulking

4000-5000+ calories a day is perfectly acceptable for most people. Aim to consume 80% of the daily protein from whole food sources. The remaining 20% can be from supplements like protein shakes.

Calorie dense meals are the best option, if available, but don’t skip a chance to eat. Example: pizza, pasta, nuts and nut butters, cheeses, whole eggs,avocado, fast food, cereal bars, fruits and vegetables, high carb dishes,baked goods and seafood.

Snack constantly.

It may take some time to get used to eating a lot. Your body will adjust after a while. But you need to push yourself to eat.

Food to Avoid:

Low calorie, diet, or sugar-free foods.Foods that may cause negative health effects when eaten in large quantities, such as liver, Brazil nuts, and mercury-containing fish.

Muscle and Strength Gain

Dirty Bulking is usually employed to promote muscle and strength gains in physique and some team sports. For muscle gains a sufficient calorie is required, usually 10–20% additional calories for most people. The dirty bulk usually exceeds this range,by contributing to sizable muscle and strength gains for most people when combined with a proper resistance training session.

Following a dirty bulk may cause several negative side effects, including excess fat gain, sluggishness, and abnormal levels of some important health markers. Thus, it’s best to follow it in the short-term.

For those looking to gain muscle mass without excessive amounts of body fat, there is an alternative to dirty bulking, which is often referred to as “clean bulking”. The goal of clean bulking is still to eat a calorie surplus with plenty of protein. However high calorie, processed, sugary foods are restricted.

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