What is Low-Intensity Steady State (LISS) cardio?

‘LISS’ or Low-intensity steady-state, is a type of cardiovascular exercise in which instead of doing high-intensity exercise for a short period of time, you aim for the low level of exertion for a long period of time. The term ‘LISS’ is relatively new while the exercise has been around for years. In fact, for many years it was the preferred medium of cardio before HIIT showed up. And for those of us who tend to sleep in during exercise time – this is perfect. This low-intensity workout allows people to sustain their fitness practices. In fact, a combination of LISS and HIIT can actually get you closer to your goals.

Why LISS training?

LISS cardio proves to have many health benefits, including a lower risk of heart disease, improved blood flow, less stress, and better cognitive functions. A few other benefits are as follows : 

  1. LISS cardio can be an excellent method to burn fat and weight loss. According to studies, aerobic training is more effective than HIIT at weight loss. 
  2. It reduces pain and is appropriate for anybody. It puts less stress on the body and it is easier to recover from. Beginner or professional you can use it in various methods to improve effectiveness of your workout. 
  3. Since LISS exerts less stress on your heart and lungs, it’s an effective endurance training programme. It also improves your body’s overall cardiovascular performance. 
  4. It is an excellent way for postural improvement as well.
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The most common LISS or low-intensity workouts are walking, swimming, cycling, running, hiking, and other cardio activities. Customarily it is recommended to carry out 45 – 60 minutes of exercise. It can turn out to be tedious if prolonged for a long period of time without any variations. So the inclusion of both HIIT and LISS can provide an optimized workout routine. It is always recommended to consult professionals before you pick up any exercise regimen or dietary plans.

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