What Is Medium Intensity Cardio ?

Medium Intensity Cardio or MISS is a popular form of cardio workout. MISS stands for Medium Intensity Steady State. This is a form of workout where the body moves in a medium or moderate yet in a steady state. Additionally, it increases the heart rate to a range of 140-160 BPM. MISS has gained a lot of popularity in the present era because of its effective weight loss measures.

medium intensity cardio jogging

Benefits of Medium Intensity Cardio

This cardio form is famous all around the globe because of its seamless benefits. Let’s have a look at them.

  • It improves the functioning of your heart.
  • MISS effectively releases pressure on the cardiovascular system.
  • It promotes easy weight loss and facilitates easy body functioning.
  • Steady state cardio strengthens not only the heart but also the muscles. 
  • It targets anxiety, stress and depression and works on it to eradicate it completely.
  • It works well on post workout recovery

Threats from MISS

Evidently, MISS is one of the easiest and practical forms of workout. But it has some negative sides as well.

  • It is considered to be a boring form of workout. Indeed it takes up a long duration to carry out all the segments.
  • Performing a part constantly could lead to stress injuries.
  • MISS takes a lot of time in order to burn a certain amount of calories. It cannot be done quickly.

Examples of Medium Intensity Steady State Cardio


medium intensity cardio  running

A long run in a moderate state is a well known example of steady state cardio exercise. It contributes to building strong bones and muscles. It provides strength and balance to the body. Further, it helps in fat burning and maintaining a steady and healthy size and weight.


medium intensity cardio  cycling

Who doesn’t know the benefits of cycling ? Including it as a moderate steady cardio is nothing but a cherry on the cake. One who cycles regularly experiences a calm mind and soul. It ensures cardiovascular fitness and less fat deposition. In addition to that, it strengthens muscle fibres and provides them with flexibility and vigour.


medium intensity cardio walking

A brisk walk is essential for a fitness regime. And it fits perfectly in the list of moderate intensity steady state cardio exercise. A long walk at least once a day makes sure that you have a healthy heart and mind. It is said to fix coronary problems. Walking relieves joint stiffness and makes them loose and flexible. Also, it cures issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and muscular pain.

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