What Is Muscle Hypertrophy And How To Achieve It?

Muscle Hypertrophy refers to the growth of muscle cells. This often leads to the increase in muscle strength and size. Muscle Hypertrophy is often achieved through exercise, in particular strength training genetics also play some role. While working out, if you wish to improve tone and definition, weight lifting is the most accessible way to increase hypertrophy. According to the National Institutes of Health, muscle hypertrophy refers to a growth in muscle mass. 

Muscle Hypertrophy is of two types – Myofibrillar which is the growth of muscle contraction parts and Sarcoplasmic, increase in muscle glycogen storage. The training will prioritize the type of muscle you wish to target. When you first start exercising, there is a rise in the nerve impulses leading to muscle contraction. The continued process of exercising results in an increase in protein synthesis, therefore resulting in muscle cells growing bigger and stronger. 

Ways to achieve Hypertrophy : 

  1. Prioritizing compound exercises – It may seem like targeting specific muscles like the biceps with bicep curls would promote muscle gain, the most efficient way to optimize hypertrophy through compound exercises that use various muscle groups at once. A few recommended exercises are bench press, deadlifts, push-ups, pull-ups and shoulder press. 
  1. Progressive Overload – When you stop getting stronger, you will soon stop getting bigger. That is why it’s important to add weight training and reps to every exercise, it is commonly known as progressive overload. This helps in maximizing the results of weight training. 
  1. Right number of sets each week – According to study, each week it is best if 10/20 sets per muscle group. 20% is also a good way to bump up the training volume for a muscle group.  

To conclude, it is always important to listen to your body when starting with something new or even increasing your reps. It is also recommended to hire a personal trainer that can give you one-on-one guidance. It is essential to push your muscles as far as you can, but not too much as to cause injury. 

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