In the year 2003, a cardiologist Arthur Agatston developed a fad diet called the South Beach diet. 

South Beach promotes eating food with a low glycemic index and put the carbohydrate and fats in good and bad list. This diet promise of giving results but no scientific evidence proving it. 

Just like a cold-hearted person helping without letting anyone knew. 

This diet is about choosing the right carbohydrates or crabs. It basically avoids all those carbohydrate foods that have high glycemic. South Beach Diet is maintained in the health fit market to help heart patients lose weight and lower cholesterol. The food must be full of nutrients and fibers.   

The South Beach Diet has three-phase to follow. 

Phase 1 – For the first two weeks. The main work in the purpose of this face is to stop your carving for unhealthy mouth-watering food. It removes the greed for sugary foods and maintains the blood sugar level. A great loss in weight can be witnessed in this face. lean meats, chicken, turkey, fish and shellfish, tofu, eggs, reduced-fat cheese, nuts, beans, vegetables are the. Meanwhile, you have to avoid bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, baked and sugary foods such as cake, cookies, candy and ice cream, fruits, alcoholic drinks.

Phase 2 – Reaching the desired weight. Reintroducing th crabs in the diet, but slowly-slowly. The weight loss in this phase will be very slow. Must notice how your body is responding to the crab you are adding in the crab. If the body happily goes along then add crab in next week too. If the response is not desirable then return back to the first phase. 

Phase 3 – The diet will be no more diet it will eventually become a healthy lifestyle. People will avoid all those foods to eat which bring lots of carbohydrates and fats. Being a human if carving can easily return if this happens so return back to Phase 1 and Phase 2 

South Beach diet is a healthy way of eating food whether losing weight is a goal not.

Being honest South Beach Diet is not much recommended to everyone and people with a strong will can perform. Neither it is very systematic, although it has three-phase, it is a kind of boring diet. People not much prefer it, neither it has too much advantage in losing weight which most people to dieting and all. 

But it is indeed a very healthy diet and keeps your body for a long going.    


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