What is the best Indian diet plan for bodybuilding(veg)?

There is a misconception that vegetarians cannot build a decent body, there are many bodybuilders, athletes and celebrities who have proved this wrong. To build our body we need a decent amount of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats and vitamins.

Guidelines for planning a vegetarian diet

1. Protein should be your main focus and it should vary.
Legumes, cottage cheese and milk are the best sources of protein and are also commonly used in Indian kitchens. While whole fat is considered rich in amino acids, Skimmed milk is recommended for people who are keen on building muscle mass because it will provide the protein you need while keeping the fat intake low.
Sprouts and legumes are rich in protein and are also a healthy choice for your diet.

2. Avoid sugar and increase complex carbs.
It is recommended to avoid high sugar consumption and should mainly focus on intake of complex carbs to help in muscle building. Generally, one gram of carbohydrate contains four calories, if we go by recommendations our daily intake should comprise of 45%-55% calories from carbohydrates. However, calorie intake may vary according to your goals, fitness level, and metabolic rate.

3. Fat consumption
Fats tend to make you feel fuller just as carbs, it is recommended for consumption of unprocessed fats from nuts, olives and avocadoes. 10%-20% of your total calories should come from healthy fats like polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, while saturated fats can be found in eggs yolks, cheese, and other poultry items.

4. Vitamins and fibers are essential
Vitamins are often neglected and we tend to often focus more on protein. Vitamins are essential for bodybuilding, Vitamin D is beneficial for strengthening bone, brain health, protein synthesis, and hormone synthesis, Vitamin B, C and E are important too. One should not forget to focus on the micronutrients too.

Fibers are an important part of a bodybuilders diet, they can have multiple benefits, decrease in LDL levels, fight against cancer, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and helps with constipation.

5. Hydration is important
Hydrated muscle cells prevent muscle breakdown after an intense workout session. Lower hydration level can lead to shrinkage of cells and protein breakdown, keeping yourself hydrated can swell your cells and reduce protein breakdown.

Meal plan for vegetarians

According to BeerBiceps fitness, here is a bodybuilding diet plan for vegetarians:
Meal 1:
Protein shake + lassi/curd
-carbs: low
– fat: low
Meal 2:
– Protein: 25ish g
– carbs: high, but clean
– fat: low
Meal 3:
Paneer bhurji + 2 rotis
– protein: 45ish g
– carbs: medium, but clean
– fat: medium
Meal 4:
Dal+ brown rice
– protein: 15-20 g
– carbs: medium
– fat: low
Meal 5:
-protein :25ish g
– carbs: high but clean
– fat: low
Post workout:
Meal 6:
protein shake + water
-protein: 25g
Meal 7:
vegetables + fruit
-protein:5ish g
-crabs: high
fruits: only after workout
Meal 8:
Kidney beans/ Rajma + brown rice
-protein 20g
-carbs: high, but clean
-fat: low
Meal 9:
Non fried pakodas
-protein: 40ish g
-crabs: low
-fat: low
Meal 10:
Mixed nuts
-protein: 20g
-carbs: low
-fat: high

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