What Is The Difference Between Leg Fat And Leg Muscle ?

It may seem that fat and muscle are the same thing, but it is not true. This is a topic which has invited and accepted many discussions and conclusions. They may look the same, but they are not the same. The basic difference between fat and muscle is how dense they are. Fat is less dense than muscle. The same applies to leg fat and leg muscle.

leg muscles

Leg Muscle

  • Leg muscles comprise the long muscles of a human body.
  • They help in movement and provide strength and structure to the body.
  • These are mostly situated in the thighs and calves.
  • They are more dense than leg fat.

Leg Fat

  • Fats are a layer of deposition on the muscle layer.
  • Our body burns fat and uses it as a source of energy for metabolism.
  • They are mostly deposited on thighs and calves, along with the muscles.
  • They are less dense than muscle.

Leg Fat And Leg Muscle Comparison

Let us consider one kg fat and one kg muscle. Which one has more weight ? Clearly none of them. They both are nearly the same in their masses. But they vary in their densities. They have different volumes, and hence have different densities.

Fat occupies more space than a muscle. Fat has a tendency to swell and expand in size. Two people, whose heights and weights are the same, could have a variation in their muscle masses. Person A could have more muscle mass than Person B. And in the same way, Person B has more fat than Person A. 

It is obvious that body weight is determined by the addition of the overall muscle mass and the overall fat mass. Fat and muscle combine to give a perfect structure to the body. When someone notices an increase in their leg mass, it could happen because of two things. It may be because of increased fat in the leg. There could also be an increase in leg muscle mass. But it could never be both.

They may feel the same, but the fluctuations in their mass numbers are never the same. A person could either have a muscular leg or a fat leg, but not both at the same time. A person with more weight yet a good muscle mass is considered to be a healthy one. Whereas on the other hand, one with more weight because of more fat is a bad sign.


Fat and muscle are not the same. A leg fat is a bed of glycerol and fatty acids on the leg muscle. On the contrary to that, a leg muscle is a tissue that surrounds and supports the leg bones, giving them strength and vigour.     

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