What Is The Dukan Diet 100 Foods

Dukan diet is a very effective plan in which you can eat as much you want without gaining weight ( or still losing weight).

According to the dukan diet, Pierre Dukan during his studies identified 100 allowed foods that contain the essential nutrients for our bodies that have amazing benefits and are rich in protein, low in carbohydrates and fat. You can eat as much as you want from the Dukan Diet food list during the four phases of the Dukan Diet.

It requires a person to eat high protein foods and reduce their intake of carbs and fats. It focuses on natural rather than packaged foods, and it encourages daily physical activity. The official Dukan diet website provides a list of the 100 foods allowed on the diet which includes 68 are pure proteins and 32 are vegetables.

The Dukan diet is based on the theory that eating a lot of protein can help people lose weight.

This is because:

Lean, high protein foods tend to be lower in calories

Eating protein can help people feel full digesting protein uses more energy, so the body burns more calories.

Reducing intake of carbs and fats induces a starvation-like state, which forces the body to use fat stores for energy.

Four Phases of Dukan Diet:

The Attack phase

The attack phase consists of eating foods from the pure protein food list. It aims for rapid weight loss.

The Cruise Phase

The cruise phase aims to lower a person’s body weight gradually by adding 32 specific vegetables to the diet. People can now eat all 100 food items on the list, they eat pure protein and veggies on alternate days.

The Consolidation phase

The aim of the consolidation phase is to avoid regaining the weight. Some starchy foods are introduced in this phase.

The Stabilization phase

The stabilization phase is the long-term maintenance part of the plan, as a lifestyle option. The person should not expect to lose or gain weight during this time.

At this point, people can consume artificial sweeteners, vinegars, sugar-free gum, and spices. The diet also recommends taking multivitamins with minerals.

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