What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a popular sport, which can be trained in a number of ways. Some kickboxing clubs are cardio-focused and simply have the practitioners kicking and punching the air or working with a heavy bag or pads. You will definitely need gloves. Depending on the ruleset you spar with you may want to wear shin pads as well.

If you are training a type of kickboxing that involves sparring, either point-fighting or continuous sparring, then the type of protective equipment that you wear will matter a lot.

Gloves are important both to protect your hands and also to protect your sparring partner from blows. If you punch someone with a bare hand, not only will it do a lot of damage to them, it is also quite likely that you will damage your hand.

How to choose the right kind of gloves?

Kickboxing gloves have a grip bar in them and are quite bulky. They are heavily padded at the knuckle because pure boxers rely only on their knuckles when striking. They usually have a lace-up closure, although some modern designs use velcro instead. The western boxing glove is not very flexible. They are designed for the wearer to simply make a fist and throw punches.

The Thai kickboxing glove is very similar to the kickboxing glove, but they are usually more compact, and the foam is spread out more instead of being primarily on the knuckle. Thai boxing gloves are more flexible because Thai boxers need to be able to use their hands when they are clinching.

MMA boxing gloves are a new style of glove that is a hybrid of boxing and Thai boxing gloves. They use velcro enclosures, and they are sectioned with a split backhand and a separate knuckle section.

Gloves that are specifically designed for kickboxing have a longer cuff than Muay Thai gloves. This is because kickboxers do not clinch as much as Muay Thai practitioners. The padding is spread out, instead of focusing on the knuckles. Since kickboxers are able to use more than just their knuckles for striking.


You can use most types of gloves as a beginner, but if you choose a Muay Thai or a Kickboxing glove then you will likely find it more comfortable than a bulky, heavy boxing glove.

Some great options of Kickboxing gloves you can buy are:

Bytomic Performer 3.0 Carbon-

Bytomic generally produces the best value boxing gloves for both beginner and advanced boxers. These are great for beginners as they’re super lightweight and incredibly affordable.

Trideer Pro Grade for KickBoxing-

They are a pair of boxing gloves at an affordable price with this set from Trideer. Despite the price, you still get multiple layers of foam to allow for shock absorption when you hit your bag. While synthetic leather won’t hold up to the same standards as genuine leather. It will still last through multiple rounds.
These gloves also provide a full wrap-around wrist strap to keep them secure through tough workouts.

Hawk Sports-
A hook and loop closure around the wrist allows for security and makes it easier to take on and off. Like other gloves, these also offer a thick foam layer for support and shock absorption as you throw powerful punches at heavy bags.
You also get holes to allow for some ventilation and a waterproof lining so your hands stay comfy—not soggy.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves-

The Venum Challenger Gloves are probably the best for training on this list. These include triple density foam for better shock management. Along with added hand protection, as well as a breathable interior mesh.

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