What Lunges Are Best For Glutes

Lunge workouts are the best method to work your glutes. Glute lunges outperform all other workouts in terms of creating larger, rounder glutes.

As a result, you will learn how to perform lunges properly to target your glutes and ensure muscle activation for optimum growth while also learning how to execute lunges to build bigger calves. Lunge workouts are the best method to work your glutes if done correctly.

So, what are your options?

You might take the time to learn how to engage your glutes while doing squats, which, by the way, isn’t always successful. Alternatively, you may just quit wasting your time and focus on what is certain to work and provide results.

Lunges are excellent because they can be done in so many different ways. There are a plethora of lunge exercises from which to choose.

Legs and Glutes Strengthening: 5 Lunges

1. Lunges to the side

If plyometric workouts hurt your knees, try this side lunge, which strengthens the muscles surrounding your knees while also improving flexibility and hip mobility. These traditional lateral lunges engage your core while stretching your hamstrings (a lifesaver for runners).

2. Split Lunge (Standing)

This standing split lunge is ideal for adding extra zest to your stride and graduating into plyometric lunges once you’ve mastered balance on one leg. It’s also a wonderful active stretch to do before a workout to warm up your body. You also work your core muscles while also raising your heart rate.

3. Lunges with a Pendulum

By putting greater strain on one set of muscles at a time, this variant tests your balance and coordination even more. While you can do this one without weights, as you gain strength, you may want to add dumbbells.

4. Back Hand to Lunge

These pulsating lunges strengthen your glutes while also stimulating your arm muscles. Although we don’t use dumbbells in this workout, you can progress to using weights or a body bar.

5. Plyo Lunges are a type of lunge that is performed with a ply

These plyometric lunges, a wonderful blend of cardio and strength, raise your heart rate while training your muscles and burning fat. After two leaps, we pause to execute a lunge in this variant.

“However, what distinguishes lunges from squats is that they require you to maintain your balance. A squat has a wider foundation for support, but a lunge has a split stance, which makes it intrinsically more challenging to balance.  Lunges are also more dynamic, and your body must re-adjust to absorb the body weight and determine its location in space.”

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