What Physique Is Achievable Naturally?

Natural bodybuilding or natural training refers to when people train and build muscles without any performance-enhancing drugs. This can conclude with hormone growth hormones, steroids, diuretics, etc. Attaining an exceptional natural physique can be done within a few years. This however depends on your body at the start, your genetics as well as several other factors. Following a strict diet and an advanced workout routine is crucial.

How to Gain Muscle Quickly and Naturally (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Sometimes the media can be misleading. The jacked and ripped figures are the result of years of consistent training and sacrifice. Additionally, the type of physique naturally attainable can be less muscular and smaller. Also despite the diet and training, there is a limit to how much muscle we can gain naturally. 

Physique determining factors

According to research, there are two physical aspects that determine building muscle :

  1. Muscle Structue
  2. Bone Structure

There is proof about how those with larger bone structures tend to have more muscle than those who are on the smaller side. Higher bone structure individuals may also have higher testosterone levels thereby getting a better response from training. Researchers also suspect that this may be a major cause as to why the ‘bone size’ is the limiting factor in natural bone development. Some study even shows how there is a method of calculating the ratio of muscle growth according to how much bone you have.

5 tips for women to gain muscle at home

Additionally, studies show that there are many research-backed methods in order to approximate how much muscle we can build. But I wouldn’t put too much on these as they just give us an estimate.

It is hard to come to a solid conclusion as there are too many variables to be factored in. However, you can end up surprising yourself with how much you can peak your muscularity.

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