Diabetes is a disease with gives emotional pain more rather than physical pain. Restricted from eating this and that. Can’t enjoy your favorite ice-cream, tasty chocolates, festivals
sweets. How your loved ones snatch all your favorite cookies cause you are diabetics. How
out of the blue your relation with foods turns into toxic relation.
Even your healthy food diets also need to cut down with low or no sugar foods.
So here are some sugar-free shake for your relief from pain, they are rich in protein, and you
can continue with your protein healthy shake with taste included.
1. Flax Seed curd shakes – Flax seeds are not only rich in omega-3 but also in protein.
Grind the flax seeds and pour the curd as the curd will keep the body cool and
digestion strong, add some salt according to the taste and mix them in the mixer only
for thirty seconds. The taste will be neutral and it is effortless in making.
2. Strawberry with banana – splitting the strawberry into small pieces and cutting the
banana smoothly. Blend them in the mixer with yogurt, creamy pinkish shade will
appear on your shake, like a blushing face. Add stevia according to the requirement
of the tongue.
3. Oat Yogurt Shake – Blended almond, walnut, coconut mix it with blended oats and
yogurt and stir them till they get pushover each other, making it a little sweet add
stevia. It will make the shake taste like kheer. Oats, almonds, and walnut provide high
amounts of protein in the body. It also helps in losing weight as it is a heavy shake
due to the presence of nuts that keep appetite low.
4. Coffee protein powder shake – Stir the protein powder with coffee including cocoa
powder, keep them string till the three elements start looking like one element, pour
warm milk and again shake them whole till turn out into the paste-like structure then
blend that paste with cream and milk, for making it sweet for the taste add stevia.
5. Egg shake – Take banana milk or almond milk add a pasteurized egg or egg white
protein powder and chia seeds, for boosting the taste of cinnamon or cocoa powder,
blend them together. Making it look more defined add frozen fruits, which will also
increase the benefits of the shake.

Keep taking your medicines for diabetes, start doing yoga and meditation for fighting against
diabetes. Diabetes is dangerous but it can be beaten. And once it has beaten from the root
you can once again enjoy your beautiful moments with your tasty foods.


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