What should be the goal of a beginner before doing bodybuilding?

Everything has a starting point but before you start bodybuilding you need to set yourself some goals because without them you won’t be able to workout properly. There are three questions you need to ask yourself, what do you want to achieve? What is realistic? And what suits you? Make sure to note it down and follow it religiously.


What do you want to achieve?

There are certain goals that you would want to achieve before diving further into your bodybuilding journey. They can be:

Macro goals:

• Losing weight
• Gaining muscle
• Increasing speed
• Increasing flexibility
• Increasing endurance
• Gaining strength
• Muscle endurance.

Micro goals:

• Lose 2 pounds
• Gain ½ pound
• Bench press 5 pounds extra
• Do 3 more pushups
• And run six minutes longer

Your goals should be more realistic

You need to ask yourself where you stand now, how long will it take for you to achieve your goals by making a realistic estimate, whether you have the right equipment for it, because equipment play a crucial role while also keeping in mind your nutrition or are your goals combinable as in whether you can achieve both flexibility and muscle mass at the same time and can you really endure it along the way, because in the end if you dent like it you’ll eventually give it up easily.

Be aware of what suits you best

Do you like to run or swim or lift weights? Because it’s best and not very much recommended if it doesn’t suit you. Sometimes it is best to choose something you are good at than go for something you aren’t very good at without the chance of succeeding. You need to ask yourself if you can combine it with your daily activities. Lastly, you need to know if your body composition is suited for your goal.

Goals per sport:

Here are some goals that you may achieve according to sport-

Sprinting/athletics: gaining muscle and strength, while increasing speed and flexibility
Long-distance running: losing weight. Increasing endurance and strength( mainly leg muscles).
Swimming: Strength, endurance and flexibility.
Football/Soccer: Endurance and strength. Muscle gain is possible with football and soccer most of the time.
Gymnastics: Strength, strength endurance, muscle, flexibility.
Martial arts: Strength, flexibility, muscle endurance.

Goals to combine

Good goals:

• Losing weight and increasing endurance
• Gaining strength and muscle mass.
• Gaining muscle, gaining strength, gaining speed.
• Gaining strength, Increasing speed, and increasing flexibility.

Goals to avoid:

• Gaining muscle and increasing endurance.
• Increasing speed and increasing endurance( high intensity and low intensity will use different muscle fibers).
• Muscle endurance and gaining muscle.
• Gaining muscle and gaining flexibility.

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